Renting a Car in Another Country

There are some aspects of renting a car that are the same the world over, no mater your travel destination. There are other aspects of car rental that differ from place to place depending on where you go. Understanding these similarities and differences before you ever leave home can go a long way in avoiding disaster in a foreign land.


The first thing you should research about your destination is the type of vehicles that are commonly driven there. In many countries you’ll see cars on the road that aren’t very familiar to you. Very small cars are also pretty common around the world. When you’re researching the types of cars available for rent in your destination, you can cross check models with a reputable website like for more information about the vehicle including cargo space and passenger room available.


When traveling and arranging for a car rental before your departure, you’ll also want to be sure you stick with a reputable company, one that you’ve likely heard of before. The big car rental companies like Enterprise, Alamo, Hertz and others have offices and locations around the world. Dealing with these companies will usually be your best bet.


Renting a car also requires insurance coverage while you’re away. Check with your credit card companies to see if they offer coverage programs to suit your needs. Be sure the coverage provided allows for the limits in certain countries and abides by their specific driving laws. Car rental companies also offer insurance packages for your rental period, albeit they are usually quite a bit more expensive than other options.


If you’re traveling to a destination that drives on the left side of the road, you might give yourself some time and space for practicing when building your itinerary. While driving in this manner isn’t anymore difficult than driving on the right side of the road, it does take some getting used to. A bit of time spent behind the wheel away from traffic will go a long way to settle your nerves and anxiety on busy highways.

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